Super Torque Taper Lock

Super Torque Timing Pulleys

(For Super Torque, PowerGrip®2, 5M Poly Chain® GT, and 14M Poly Chain® GT®2 Belts)

Bored for Taper Lock Bushing

5M Pitch (5 mm)

8M Pitch (8 mm)

14M Pitch (14 mm)

Part Number Example:


56 = No. Teeth

8M = 8 mm Pitch

S-M = Super Torque Tooth

85 = 85 mm Belt Width

2517BS = Bored for 2517 Type Taper Lock Bushing with British Standard Withworth Threads (BSW)

PDF - Pulley-Timing-SuperTorqueST2-TaperLock.pdf